2 thoughts on “Bible Interpretation

  1. I have recently accepted my call to the Ministry and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I long to learn everything I can and found your website most helpful. I am determined to pray and study and help others with God’s Word. I thank you for this web site!…

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I really appreciate your prompt response and i found your website searching for Bible lessons and Christian Colleges (seminary) online and your website was one of the choices. All of the scriptures you mentioned, I read over and over again but because of others I had some doubt that my interpretation was correct. I only desire to God’s will. I do not wish to do anything but learn more and more of the Word. You mentioned some material that I could read, please tell me, I am sure the material would be most helpful.
    Please know that your website is indeed a ministry and I was blessed by it. Thank you for advice, please be assured I am not trying to solve any debate. I know better. This fight began way before me and will probably continue way after. I just wanted to know for myself. I am a beginner in Bible Academics and I just want to do God’s Will………….I will purchase the book you mentioned and you can probably count on a lot of questions from me as I start my journey (I hope that’s okay). Thanks again and God Bless you.

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